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Our trained and experienced veterinary nursing staff have between them, over 65 years (combined) experience – and we are all here to help.

A healthy animal is an active, happy and rewarding companion.puppy1

To keep your loved companion in optimum condition, we suggest maintaining their general well-being by allowing our staff to help you to manage their health.

We recommend feeding your animals using the best quality foods which promote health, vitality and happiness for many years.
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To further enhance good health and many years of companionship, your pet also needs a regular health check like we all do.

To do so is the best way of preventing avoidable disease and detecting early what could later cause, an accelerated rate of deteriorating health.

It only takes a moment to call us to make an appointment – and IF you are on our regular customer database, we also provide you a friendly reminder of such things as regular shots as part of our preventative maintenance services.


Our nursing staff are well qualified and willing to make the appropriate suggestions in assisting you to manage the health of your loved companion.

We also have a special interest in birds.


Ask for Lyane, our avian veterinary nurse, who can provide dietary, behavioural management and general husbandry advice.


We also offer:

  • wing clipping
  • beak and claw trimming
  • parasite control



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