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At Animal and Bird Hospital, we are your pet’s best friend when in distress.

Our friendly team are highly trained to manage your pet’s needs within our quiet and caring environment.

playfulpuppies5We will always handle your pet gently and safely to reduce stress, and to ensure that they do NOT injure themselves, or panic – because we love animals just as much as you do.

Your pet’s vet is a well established hospital for your Animals and Birds, and we offer quality and specialised healthcare services for your beloved pets.


If your beloved pet’s have any medical problem, consult with one of our highly trained veterinary nurses or surgeons as soon as possible.

We will also work with you to assist in maintaining your pet’s optimal health, vitality and quality of life.


We listen carefully and consider your thoughts when dealing with sometimes difficult and painful decisions, in the best interests of what is best for your loved companion.

Our clinic also offers a wildlife service where our aim is to rehabilitate for successful release back into the wild.

Contact us for any needs you may have
Needing an answer to your question? cat2
Simply fill in our web-form with your contact details, together with your specific question and we will respond confidentially by return email to you.
IF your question is of an URGENT nature, or your animal is in distress, please do not delay – Call or visit us Immediately

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